Saturday, March 7, 2009

Death of an iPhone

To quote a good friend-
"iPhones are [supposed to be] one of those indestructible things, like in a nuclear holocaust, the only things that'll survive are roaches, Twinkies and iPhones."

Apparently this is a myth......
I went into the bathroom to do what people normally do in the bathroom: use the facilities. I had been hanging out with my Hubby and friends and kept my phone nearby- namely in my pocket. Without it's
silicone 'protective' case it's rather slim & happens to fit nicely into my front pocket. So I went into the bathroom and - well you know what happens, start unbuttoning those jeans & whip 'em down... Right?
Well BAM what happens but my phone goes catapulting from my pocket like some high rise diver. But ungracefully misses the toilet, which might be referred to as a normal occurrence, and lands belly down on the linoleum. Not that the toilet would have been preferred, but rather typical & understandable. And of course it couldn't land on the plush bathmat next to the toilet... That would be ideal. No. It had to be
face down, on the linoleum.
Now I wasn't immediately worried either. My phone has done quite impressive other feats. Such as lunging out of the car onto the pavement, and I also knew other phones who embraced such a way of
life, my Hubby's for example had knowingly catapulted onto asphalt and survived, albeit with one slight break -but of course nothing horrible or life taking.
So I bent down and just picked it up, casually remember...because I had no reason to fear the outcome. But low and behold the entire glass front had shattered. I was frozen, petrified in astonishment.
Linoleum!!! Just simple 1990's linoleum! How in the world? I nearly cried. My iPhone had become my life. Not only did I use it occasionally to contact friends and family, but more so, it became my
companion, my security blanket even. I know that at least this is common, most people nowadays are addicted to their phones. But if I could dare to protest my side of the story...? I had just come off of
bedrest for a month, the phone had been there for me to call my Dr. and my husband. It had helped by looking up ectopic pregnancies, laproscopic surgeries, and salpingectomies for me. In my state of need
it provided information about what I was going through & put me in contact with my loved ones across the USA. Not only that, but if I hadn't been able to call my Dr. on the advice line I probably would
have dosed up on ibuprofen and flown out of that God-forsaken land into the air above only to find myself hemorrhaging & dead. This phone was definitely a 'need' for me so soon after such unlucky occurrences.
But alas, such is my life. One small tidbit to top the pile. Though luckily not the straw that breaks the camel's back.
No. On the positive side my touch screen still works. So a little bit o' packing tape and I'm up and running. Just way more hick-ish.....!

Sent from my broken iPhone

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dealing with It.

I am definitely more unlucky than most.
Some might argue that through their life, unfortunate things have happened
Or others argue that everyone has their fair share of despair
I definitely must say:
Mine beats all.

Not only that I am unlucky.
But that my unlucky occurrences happen in such a timely sequential string
It baffles the mind.

Now, I am still young.
And this shall be a interesting chronicle of my topsy-turvy life.
Of the wonderful things to come which may bring joy,
But specifically of the ones that bare down
With merciless rain upon my hapless self.

Be forewarned:
These are ordeals that I undergo.
A real person.

But keep in mind:
Use this as an avenue through which to compare your woes
And catch a glimmer of hope -- Others do go through shit too.

It's all in how you deal with it.
This is me.
Dealing with it.