Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dealing with It.

I am definitely more unlucky than most.
Some might argue that through their life, unfortunate things have happened
Or others argue that everyone has their fair share of despair
I definitely must say:
Mine beats all.

Not only that I am unlucky.
But that my unlucky occurrences happen in such a timely sequential string
It baffles the mind.

Now, I am still young.
And this shall be a interesting chronicle of my topsy-turvy life.
Of the wonderful things to come which may bring joy,
But specifically of the ones that bare down
With merciless rain upon my hapless self.

Be forewarned:
These are ordeals that I undergo.
A real person.

But keep in mind:
Use this as an avenue through which to compare your woes
And catch a glimmer of hope -- Others do go through shit too.

It's all in how you deal with it.
This is me.
Dealing with it.