Monday, May 3, 2010

The Lunch Dilemma

Today I decided to avoid the healthy alternative of eating at home and allow myself the pleasure of picking subway instead. After all, it's quick, cheap and easy (no puns intended...). So I headed in with the intention of spending a meager 4 dollars to purchase a relatively fresh and delicious 6 inches of bliss for my mouth and eventually, my stomach. Besides, I deserved it. I had gotten out of bed at about 11 .. okay after 11, but it was definitely before 12!! And I had been relatively productive already: I had finished half my to do list, which included:
-write to do list
-take shower
-get ready for the day
-grab a steak for dinner at Lucky
-buy Americano at Peets
-take out trash
-get mail

That's pretty amazing for me, on a day off, to complete such a magnitude of tasks before 3 o'clock. I definitely ''deserved" the subway sandwich.

So in I walk and pick a decently priced $4.50 sandwich. Spicy Italian. 6 inches, on wheat. As I'm waiting for the lady in front of me with the adorable misbehaved little boy to finish her complicated order I stand next to the rack of chips. The simplistic sneaky shout from over by the Miss Vickie's Hand-Picked Jalapeño Kettle Cooked potato chips grabs my attention. I turn away deciding I won't be swayed. I have chosen my sandwich, I've already decided to get myself an Americano after. No need for a drink and chips. Wait when did I start thinking about a drink? I obviously didn't even see drinks yet. They're located behind me. Ah, I remember, the silly ad by the cash register suggests a drink and chips for only 2 extra dollars. It's not much, but still, I can't possibly eat all that. It is now finally my turn and the lady behind the counter barely speaks English, and obviously doesn't remember very well, Yes I do want wheat. What size? 6 inches is plenty for me. I look up to the menu board and in confusion ask "really only 50 cents ($.50) for those extra 6 inches." I'm sure I could figure out what do do with a whole foot of yummy brown sandwich, the possibilities are endless: lunch for the husband, a snack for tomorrow, a mid afternoon snack for either of us....or if it's forgotten, it's only $.50!!! Sure. Footlong it is.
I tell the randomly bowing-and-head-bobbing lady what I want on my sandwich all the while I see those darn jalapeño chips over on my left .. just there within sight in the corner of my eye. I am tormented, who can resist "hand-picked" I tell you. Argh. So I rack my brain, what chips do I have at home? I know I have some spicy ones. But probably none that would go so well with my spicy Italian. Sigh. It's been so long Miss Vickie. You will come home with me. I promise. But you know, it is not a complete meal without the soda. I whirl around expecting Pepsi and alas, the gods must be with me, it's Coke and now I have a complete lunch. I'm so proud of myself. I have a hard time eating quality meals and now I have a bona fide square meal for my productive afternoon. I jubilantly tell the head-bobber that it's a meal and grab the best looking of Miss Vickie's bags, and realize that my $4.50 has turned into a $7.52 lunch?
I am now distraught. Should I still get my beloved Americano? No, probably not. A coffee would not taste as delicious after a Spicy Italian with pepperoncini's, Coke, and Hand-Picked (all natural, kettle cooked) Miss Vickie's Jalapeño Chips!
But isn't that the entire reason for leaving the house today? Getting that Americano? After all, it's on my "to do list". Resolutely I walk toward the Peets, and ignore the fact that I've spent way too much money on myself.
I sit here typing, having thoroughly enjoyed both the well-balanced square meal and now the gorgeous Americano with some dark chocolates from home. At least those weren't bought. least not recently.